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    Privacy Privacy policy

    Privacy policy

    Nin jiom attaches great importance to the privacy of its members and complies with the provisions of the "Personal Data Protection Law". Therefore, it has formulated a privacy protection policy. You can refer to the contents of the following privacy protection policy.

    I. Collection, processing and utilization of personal data: The personal data obtained by Nin jiom related websites are only used by Nin jiom for its internal purposes and in accordance with the purpose and scope of the original description. Nin jiom will not provide the data unless stated in advance or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. To a third person, or for other purposes.

    2.Collection and use of information: When you shop on this platform, this platform will collect your personal information through relevant pages such as shopping checkout, including but not limited to: name, residential address, email address, shipping address, contact phone, mobile phone and other order related Materials, etc., for the purpose of providing your use of the platform and the provision or promotion of goods or services. This platform may also be used to improve the quality of e-commerce services for research and analysis without involving the disclosure of your personal data.

    3.The way to update information: You can update the information you keep on this platform at any time by logging in to this platform.

    4.Personal data inquiry, reading, deletion, etc .: You can inquire about your personal information at any time, or request to view, make copies, supplement or correct, stop collecting, processing or using, or delete your personal information.